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PlusMemo for Delphi/CBuilder
shareware component

by Electro-Concept Mauricie

Embarcadero Technologies

The coolest enhanced memo edit control for Delphi 2009 to Delphi10.3 Rio. Native VCL component, in standard and data aware versions, with the following main features:
  • Automatic syntax highlighting: keywords, comments and custom syntaxing algorithms. You won't believe how simple it is to automatically and dynamically format your keywords!
  • Rich set of free accessory components : gutter with line numbers, printer component with preview capability, live spell checker that works with Addict Spell Check, Url highlighter, Html highlighter, ...
  • Mix any font style or background/foreground colors for parts of your text, and use two different fonts at your liking;
  • No limit on text length, even on old Windows versions (works on Windows 98 and up). Handle 100MB easily on minimal systems (more details here );
  • Plus much more: multi level Undo-Redo, drag and drop editing, text justification, colum block selection, various properties and methods to interact at run time with the text content ...
Only one license required for all Delphi/CBuilder versions. Click here for a screenshot
Evaluation packages  are available for each of these development systems.

Latest version : v7.2, Nov. 30, 2018

New since June 2020: Delphi10.4 Sydney version available.
Published on Torry
PlusMemo exists in two editions:
Standard Edition : without source US$34
Professional Edition : with source US$95
Note - 20% discount on Professional Edition for owners of ESB Professional Computation Suite (click here for details)
Precompiled registered units sent upon registration for Standard Edition, source code for Professional Edition.
Click here  for more information on how to register.

Registering this component entitles you to full support by email and free upgrades