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History of recent PlusMemo updates

Nov. 30, 2018
- Available for Delphi 10.1 Berlin, Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and Delphi 10.3 Rio;
- Published Touch property;
- TPlusToFormat now returns all the Unicode characters (vs only the ASCII ones before);
- Fixed ReApplyKeywords within BeginUpdate/EndUpdate not resulting in background formatting launch;
- Changed Lines/Paragraphs SaveToStream and LoadFromStream such than only ASCII encoding results in Ascii being saved/loaded (was so with any single byte encoding before);
- Added property ForceBlackText to TPlusMemoPrinter;
- Added option pmoFixedBackground, which results in static bacground picture that is not scrolled nor tiled.
- Documentation updated Jan. 31, 2019.
Nov. 29, 2014
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE7 (and XE8 since May 25, 2015, Delphi10Seattle Sept. 21, 2015);
- TDBPlusMemo does not reset its selection range when posting an update to the db;
- Fixed doing Clear or LoadFromStream inside BeginUpdate/EndUpdate potentially leaving stray things on the display;
- OnSelMove called whenever SelLength changes (not only SelStart);
- Fixed an access violation in FindText in 64bit version;
- Added property UndoBreak;
- Fixed TPlusToRTF emitting Unicode end of line chars in output instead of Ansi;
- Changed TPlusToRTF emitting \highlightN commands instead of \cbN;
- Corrected columns button not working propery in TPlusMemoPrinter preview form.
June 10, 2014
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE6;
- TPlusGutter toggles bookmarks when Ctrl-Shift-x on a line instead of just ignoring the key sequence if the line is already bookmarked;
- Fixed an access violation when destroying the end of a keyword that spanned across a line boundary;
- Fixed a bug in TRegExHighlighter whereby scope-context would not work correctly;
- Fixed a bug in TpmLiveSpell4 leading to an access violation in some circumstances;
- Fixed TPlusGutter repeating the last line number when some blocks are collapsed and IgnoreLastLineIfEmpty is True.
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE5;
- Fix in TPlusGutter so that it works in 64bit;
- TPlusMemo works correctly wiht fonts having internal leading negative (taken as 0).
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE4;
- Fixed tabs not working properly with ColumnWrap > 0.
- Clear method now clears more than text content: collapsible block if the first paragraph was collapsible, gutter bookmarks, undo.
- Fixed right line pen misbehaviors (not retaining psSolid if set at design time, dashed/dotted styles not displayed correctly when scrolling)
- Fixed TPlusMemoU not receiving anymore Unicode characters from keyboard (introduced in v6.6a)
- Implemented Paragraphs.Objects property.
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE3;
- Speed improvement when generating ascii streams
- Corrected behavior of TDBPlusMemo for the first key press after changing record
- Added handling of Top and Bottom scrollbar messages (get generated through the scrollbar popup menu)
- Fixed a problem Delphi/CBuilder XE2 leading to potential access violation (only XE2 users are affected).
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE2;
- Made Ctrl-A active (Select all);
- Published OnMouseEnter/OnMouseLeave;
- Fixed internal list index out of bounds ocurring when TPlusGutter bookmarks are removed due to text deletion;
- Minor improvements and corrections to TPlusMemoPrinter;
- Fixed problem with TRegExHighlighter whereby section highlighting extended further than the stop key
- Added AutoWidth property to TPlusGutter
- TOOPHighlighter applies Strings highlighting properties to asm strings in addition to pascal strings
- Added OnDrawLines and OnDrawPage events to TPlusMemoPrinter.
- Available for Delphi/CBuilder XE;
- Added Encoding property (Delphi 2009 and up), improved Lines stream methods;
- Added OnDrawHeaderFooter event to TPlusMemoPrinter.
- Removed an Application.ProcessMessages call within formatting thread, it was causing deadlock in some situations;
- Available for Delphi 2010.
- Fixed problem introduced in v6.5a for Unicode version (Delphi5 through Delphi2007) whereby editing operations would lead to access violations;
- Prevent TopOrigin set to 0 upon redimensioning the control if there is no vertical scrollbar;
- Fixed TPlusGutter OnMouseMove event not being effective (defect introduced in v6.5a)
- TPlusToRtf emits an \ansicpgN control word in the header;
- TPlusToRTFU emits non-ansi characters with \uc1\uN sequences;
- Made pmoLargeWordSelect effective when selecting words with cursor keys (ctrl-shift right arrow);
- Fixed TCPPHighlighter(U) not handling correctly the escape character in strings (\);
- Fixed div by 0 error for fonts that have zero OutlineTextMetrics.tmMaxCharWidth member;
- Fixed Unicode version streaming incorrectly paragraphs that have mix of Ansi and non-Ansi chars;
- Assigning to FirstVisibleLine or TopOrigin while within BeginUpdate/EndUpdate won't refresh the display when ScrollTime<>0;
- Added property MouseMemoLine to TPlusGutter;
- Fixed "Save list and attributes (text)" menu item not working in the Keywords and Start-Stop keys editor;
- Changed property Paragraphs from TStrings to TPlusMemoStrings;
- Changed property Paragraphs from TStrings to TPlusMemoStrings;
- Changed hotkey (or shortcut) to produce italic from Ctrl-I to Ctrl-J, to avoid conflict with Tab shortcut;
- Added highlight color replication in print output (TPlusMemoPrinter component);
- Added properties NumbersFont and NumbersFontFromMemo to TPlusMemoPrinter;
- Fixed List index out of bounds exception in TpmCollapseHandler when moving mouse in left margin with specific sequences;
- Fixed clicking in memo to dismiss a popup menu sometimes selecting lines;
- Fixed TPlusToRTFU generating Unicode characters in clipboard;
- Made TRegExHighlighter consider member "Whole words only" in deciding whether to highlight keywords;
- Fixed TExtHighlighter not always highlighting start-stop sections embedded in others if they are besides each other;
- Start-stop keys and keywords starting with an '=' character can be saved and loaded correctly;
- Fixed DrawLines not producing the wavy underlines at the correct vertical position;
- Added Delphi 2006 version, removed Clx versions;
- Fixed collapsed sections staying collapsed when reconfiguring that section from before edition;
- Added {pp} as page count field in header and footer of TPlusMemoPrinter;
- Added properties HeaderLineWidth and FooterLinewidth to TPlusMemoPrinter;
- Changed functions of Print and Setup in TPlusMemoPrinter preview form;
- Added property HintCollapsedText to TpmCollapseHandler;
- Improved handling of formatting thread start and finish operations, thereby avoiding a memory leak at application exit time;
- Application programmed text modifications will handle LF (#10) as a carriage return, as well as LF/CR pair;
- Fixed memory overrun problem when recreating handle (Unicode version only).
- Added TRegExHighlighter component;
- Added property PrintStartPage to TPlusMemoPrinter, plus ability to set LeftMargin for each printed page inside OnProgress handler;
- Added PrintTitle property to TPlusMemoPrinter;
- Fixed OnEnter and OnExit being triggered two times for each entrance or exit to/from component;
- Default value for PreviewTitle is set to "Print preview";
- Added DestroyCursor on the right arrow cursor loaded through LoadCursor, thus preventing a resource leak;
- Fixed CollapseAll and ExpandAll not working for dynamic collapsible sections if the start key is also defined as a keyword;
- Fixed TUrlHighlighter launching two browsers or email clients when used as a subhighlighter of another highlighter;
- Fixed nested start-stop sections with identical start key and woWholeWordsOnly incorrectly highlighted;
- Fixed highlighting misbehavior with pmoDiscardTrailingSpaces in Options under certain circumstances;
- New Collapse/Expand cursors included, more beautiful than previous ones (thanks to Joachim Schwieren);
- Fixed infinite loop when highlighting nested sections that end at the same paragraph boundary;
- Fixed memory corruption with some specific start-stop key in TExtHighlighter;