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PlusMemo Registered Packages
Version 7.2, released Nov. 30, 2018 (June 8, 2020 for Delphi 10.4 Sydney, Sept 20, 2021 for Delphi 11 Alexandria)

32bit run time and design time packages  TPlusMemo and accessories for 64bit run time packages Delphi11.0 Alexandria Delphi10.4 Sydney Delphi10.3 Rio Delphi10.2 Tokyo Delphi10.1 Berlin Delphi10 Seattle Delphi XE8 Delphi XE7 Delphi XE6 Delphi XE5 Delphi XE4 Delphi XE3 Delphi XE2 Delphi XE Delphi 2010 Delphi 2009

PlusMemo source code archive:

The zip files you download here contain a complete package of the component and most accessories* developed for TPlusMemo . This comprises bpl files, pre-compiled PlusMemo  dcu files and accessory components source code.   Help files are also included.

Simply unzip downloaded file in a directory suitable for Delphi/CBuilder**, then install PMemo7xxx.bpl in your design time environment for easy access to TPlusMemo and accessories.

All downloads are approximately 1.5MB in size.

Package names have changed starting from v7.2.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, you need to remove the design time package you installed previously (was PMemo6xxx.bpl) before installing the new one.

* one notable omission is the Addict Live Spell component, which you must add to the package yourself. See instructions in text file inside of zip archives.

** Use separate directories for different Delphi versions, to avoid overwriting dcu files.